Review Policy

So you want us to review a novel? We don’t care if you are a big publisher, a small publisher or an independent publish as long as you can obey our rules.

We may review it but here are some rules:

  1. We only accept eBooks. Don’t ship us print books.
  2. eBooks must be high quality in formatting and presentation.
  3. Writing must be high quality. Your books must have gone through a professional editor.
  4. You must give us permission to share your eBook with other readers: minimum 10, maximum 100.
  5. Erotica will not be accepted. We are Sci-fi & Fantasy Readers. Scifi, Fantasy, Dystopian, Paranormal and many similar genres are all allowed as long as they are not erotica.
  6. Extreme language is no longer accepted. If you have more than one f-word per 50 pages, we probably don’t want to read it. We recommend you remove any and all f-words and as most books that sell big, don’t have a single one. Besides. You never lose readers for not swearing but you lose plenty for swearing.
  7. Digital formats should be Kindle or EPUB
    (Amazon Give as a gift option is preferred)
  8. If a book is rejected for any reason, the author may resubmit the book for review after meeting our standards. However, a $10 resubmit fee is required.

What do we do with a review request?

  1. We are going to offer your eBook to our readers. (If the review is not rejected, there will be a post on Facebook.)
  2. We do not guarantee any reviews.
  3. We do not follow-up on the review request.

We request reviews from our readers because most reviews are turned down by our staff due to lack of time and too much to read already. It takes an average 10 hours to read a book and then a few hours to write a review, so 12 hours or more goes into each review. At $10 an hour, you would expect to pay $120. We charge $119 for a *staff review. Unless your book is as good as Harry Potter or Hunger Games, our staff likely won’t do it for free. However, some of our readers might.

* Staff reviews can be rejected even if paid for.

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