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Document to EPUB/Mobi Conversion

Are you struggling with your eBook format?

Have you spent hours and hours trying to get the formatting correct only to find your eBook still has quality issues?

Do you want a HIGH QUALITY eBook?

Think about it. After all the time you’ve spent writing your book, you deserve one.

Let us convert your document to an eBook for you.

Here is what you will get?

  1. A high quality EPUB file for upload to kdp.Amazon.com
  2. A high quality EPUB file for upload elsewhere (B&N, Kobo, iBooks, Sony)
  3. A teaser EPUB with 5% to 10% of your book

Note: We will also assist you in installing Sigil, so you can view and edit your EPUB files as needed.

Here is what you must provide:

  1. Your novel (MS Word, Open/Libre Office, etc…)
  2. Your high quality cover image.*
  3. A high quality author photo.*
  4. Any other image that you may use in your novel.*
  5. A signed contract.
  6. Any custom fonts you have purchased.

* Images may be cropped and/or resized to enhance the quality of your ebook.

High Quality Expectations

Wondering what we mean by High Quality Expectations?

What we give you:

  1. All styles done using CSS*.
  2. Consistency in right alignment/center alignment for front of book (Title Page, Table of Contents, Dedication, etc…)
  3. Table of Contents that look good and link to the correct chapters.
  4. Chapter headings that look good.
  5. Chapter headings that link back to the Table of Contents.
  6. Clean HTML in EPUB (you might not see it or understand it but you’ll get it.)
  7. EPUB to pass Flight Crew checks.
  8. EPUB to pass validator.idpf.com (epubcheck) checks.
  9. Use of a custom fonts.
  10. Professional first lines of chapters: Drop cap, Large cap, all caps, etc…
  11. Cover page with your cover image (for formats other than Kindle).
  12. Correctly formatted ellipsis.
  13. Smart quotes everywhere they should be.
  14. Aesthetically pleasing indents using styles.

*Only in rare instances are inline styles a better solution.

What we avoid:

  1. Annoying carriage returns awkwardly breaking sentences to the next line.
  2. Annoying page breaks awkwardly breaking the story to the next page.
  3. Fonts applied to the entire novel.
  4. Extra spaces and carriage returns where they don’t belong.
  5. Mismatched apostrophes, quotes.
  6. Images that look poor when in night mode.
  7. Tabs for indents and different sized indents.
  8. Blank eBook pages.
  9. Incorrect ellipsis formatting.

What is not included in this service:

  1. Cover Design
  2. Photography
  3. Editing
  4. Proofreading
  5. Image design
  6. Font selection

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