The “A Prince, A Princess, & a Dragon” story series has begun. They sound like perfect stories for young kids.

J. Abram Barneck

A Prince, A Princess, and a Dragon

Story 1
Note: 1st draft and unedited!

In a different time and a place that has long since been forgotten, there was a Prince, there was a Princess,  and There Was A DRAGON! Who flew high in the sky with wings so wide the each one could shade a large cottage. The dawning sun cracked over the mountains behind him. The mountains that held his cave. And Arkhas the dragon flew scouting for food and perhaps something to entertain him. He soared much further than usual, toward the marked lands. His dark red scaled were easy to see, except when flying, because his light blue underbelly blended with the sky, hiding him from foreign eyes.

He looked down on a line, a road really, that joined two kingdoms. To his surprise, he saw a pair of horses and decided they would make a fine…

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